1.0 General Terms and Conditions:

1.1 Verification of identity is necessary for participation in the Close Up First Move Party (i.e. valid Govt. provided photo Identity Card must be shown).

1.2 Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Closeup” or “Organizer”) reserves the right to use the names, photographs & other personal details of the participants in any publicity and/ or promotion it issues in conjunction with the Close Up promotions.

1.3 Acceptance of prizes constitutes perpetual permission to the Organizer to use the winner's name, relevant details and/or photographs for purposes of publicity, advertising and/or trade without further compensation or notice throughout the world.

1.4 Data given by the participant shall be true and genuine. It will be used in strict confidence by Closeup & its other partners.

1.5 Any participant who is suspected of any act of hacking would immediately be debarred from participating in this contest. Participants agree to be bound by the official rules and regulations of Closeup & its promoters.

1.6 Closeup is not responsible for the quality & delivery of service during any part of the program.

1.7 Any contest run by Closeup is limited to the geographic boundaries of India. In this context the promotion is only running in the city of Mumbai.

1.8 This offer is not valid in Tamil Nadu.

1.9 Closeup reserve the right to allow or disallow participants from places outside limits of Mumbai for this promotional offer.

1.10 The Closeup First Move Party is currently planned for 30 th September 2016 in Mumbai. But this is subject to change. Closeup can change the date or venue of the event at any time without bearing the liability of informing the winners / participants of the change in date and time or venue.

1.11 This promotion is only valid till 30 th September 2016 or the date of the party from Closeup.

1.12 Employees of HUL, its associate companies, its advertising and promotional agencies and its auditor’s, and their family members are not eligible to participate in this promotion.

1.13 Closeup reserves the right to cancel, modify, extend or withdraw the promotion at its sole and absolute discretion without informing the participants or consumers in general. Closeup reserves the right to change / edit the terms & conditions pertaining to this consumer promotion / offer.

1.14 Prizes are non-transferable and no cash payment in lieu of prizes will be made.

1.15 Closeup shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or any other liability arising out of the offer.

1.16 Closeup shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to act of God, governmental actions, other force majeure circumstances and shall not be liable to pay any amount as compensation or otherwise for any other such loss.

1.17 Responsibility is not accepted for entries lost, damaged or delayed as a result of any network, computer hardware or software failure of any kind. Proof of sending will not be accepted as proof of receipt.

1.18 Entries are accepted till 25 th September 2016 and winners will be announced by 26 th September 2016. These dates are subject to change and it is up to Closeup to change these dates as deemed necessary and Closeup is not under obligation to intimate all participants about the change in dates.

2.0 Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability - Subject to any local, State, Federal or other applicable statute:

2.1 All warranties of any kind whatsoever, whether express or implied, are hereby expressly disclaimed by Closeup including, but not limited to, meeting of the Member's requirements or aspirations, timeliness, security, uninterruptedness, error-free, the results or reliability of the Contest, or the delivery, quality, quantity, merchantability, fitness for use or non-infringement in respect of any goods, services, emoluments, benefits or awards acquired or obtained through the Service or any transactions effected through the Service.

2.2 The User expressly agrees that this use of the Service provided by Closeup is at the member's sole risk and is governed by the terms of this Agreement.

2.3 No advice or information, whether by representations oral, written or pictorial derived from the Site/ Phone or through the Service shall be construed to mean the giving of any warranty of any kind by Closeup.

2.4 At no time shall Closeup be liable to the user or to any third party for the acts of omission or commission hosted by Closeup on the Site/ phone or for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or foreseeable loss, damage, injury, harm, prejudice or costs that may arise or be caused to the user by his use of the service offered by Closeup at the Site or by termination of services.

2.5 At no time shall Closeup be liable for any Force Majeure event beyond its control, which prevents the Closeup First Move Party from occurring, which may include reasons like, but not limited to, weather conditions, fire, flood, strike, hurricane, industrial dispute, war, hostilities, political unrest, riots, civil commotion, inevitable accidents, acts of God, or governmental permissions, technical complexities, safety permissions/ issues, or the like with respect to the Closeup First Move Party.

2.6 The participants also agree to receive future communication from Closeup with respect to any promotions, offers, or surveys in connection to its brands and products, without any further permission from the participants.

3.0 Copyright

3.1 Unless otherwise specifically mentioned, the copyright in all images, text and material on the Site belongs to and vests in Closeup.

3.2 Unauthorized reproduction of any text, image or other material without the prior written permission of Closeup, in any form whether printed or electronic, is strictly prohibited and violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

4.0 Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

4.1 All users into the site undertake to abide by all the laws of the land.

4.2 This Agreement shall be deemed to have been entered into Bombay (Mumbai), India and the courts in Bombay (Mumbai) alone will have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain any proceedings in any way relating to or concerning this Agreement or any rights, duties, obligations or liabilities arising there under to the exclusion of all other courts in India.

5.0 IVR & Missed Call facility

5.1 Everyone who gives a missed call on the number 8905494949, or those who have registered at http://firstmoveparty.closeup.in microsite might not get a call back from Closeup. It is Closeup’s sole discretion on who will get a call back. Winners can also be chosen from college contact programs and/or other contact program conducted by partners chosen by Closeup. Giving passes to the event is completely at the discretion of Closeup and its partner.

5.2 Event if the mobile numbers/other numbers which are registered with the National Do Not Call or Do Not Disturb list, it might receive SMS's or Out Bound Dialling (OBD) calls as giving a missed call to the above mentioned number or registering a number on the website or on social media sites of Closeup automatically gives full rights to Closeup to send / push any necessary marketing related communications on the numbers provided. Communication other than that concerned with Closeup First Move Party may also be supplied / pushed to the numbers.

5.2 Closeup cannot be held liable if due to technical glitch with telecom operator, or Closeup IVR system or unavailability of range the number which has given a missed call does not receive a call back.

5.3 Closeup are not liable if due to any technical glitch the IVR gets cut midway. Another missed call will have to be given to the prescribed number and another IVR flow will have to be initiated.

5.4 Callers from Tamil Nadu are not allowed to participate in the Contest and will not get a call back.

5.5 A limit is set by Closeup and is subject to change on the number of call backs one phone number is eligible to get. If a number crosses the prescribed number of call backs in a day / week / month then Closeup reserves the right to not call back and not consider the candidature of the number for the Closeup First Move Party. The number of call backs prescribed till now is 3 times a day, 5 times in a week and 7 times in overall duration of the promotion.

5.6 Closeup’s Technology Partner shall inform the winners by calling him / her on the same mobile number through which the winners participated in the Contest and shall verify the details of the Participant viz. name, age, occupation and complete address of the winner and/or such other information as maybe considered necessary for authentication of the winner.

5.7 Out of all entries received, winners will be chosen at random selection thru computerised sorting based on age and gender and geography criteria set by Closeup. Closeup is under no obligation to reveal the age, gender and/or geography criteria to anyone outside the company.

5.8 The criteria for choosing participant(s) is a random computerised sorting basis the criteria decided by Closeup.

6.0 Closeup First Move Party

6.1. The Contest shall run from 1 st August 2016 to 30 th September 2016. Closeup reserves the rights to change the dates of the promotion as & when deemed fit without prior intimation.

6.2. The Contest is open only for all the residents of the city of Mumbai. Closeup will not bear cost of any travel to the party venues for any participants, within Mumbai or outside.

6.3. To participate in the contest, the participant is required to give a missed call on 8905494949. Participation is also allowed thru website http://firstmoveparty.closeup.in

6.4 Winners can also be chosen from college contact programs conducted by partners chosen by Closeup. Giving passes to the event is completely at the discretion of Closeup and its partner.

6.5 Winners can also be chosen from other contact programs organised by the brand which will be completely at the discretion of Closeup.

6.6. By participating in this contest, the individual and the person accompanying will unconditionally agree to and accepts the Terms and Conditions available on Closeup India Facebook page/Closeup website and at other places as well as the decisions of Closeup and/or the Technology Partner, which shall be final and binding in all matters related to the Contest.

6.7 A maximum of 1500 people will be allowed inside the party area. If the crowd becomes unmanageable for the event organising partner then Closeup reserve the right to block / not allow entry to pass holders or close or discontinue the Party.

6.8 Some selected participants will be allowed to meet and greet with Bollywood celebrities which may attend the party. People who are eligible for the meet & greet with Bollywood celebrities is completely at the discretion of Closeup. Other partners or other participants of the event cannot make claim on the same under any conditioner whatsoever.

6.9 Closeup shall not bear the cost of participants to travel from their home/office/college/elsewhere to the venue of the party. This cost will solely be borne by the participant.

6.10 The decision of Closeup regarding the winners of shall be final and binding on all participants.

6.11 No Entry Fee shall be charged for participating in this Contest; participants are therefore cautioned to be beware of anyone soliciting payments for entry to this Contest. 6.12 Closeup does not accept any responsibility or liability towards the personal security or property of the participants in the course of taking part in the Contest.

6.12 Closeup reserves the right to alter, modify or change any terms and conditions herein or modify/change, discontinue, terminate, withdraw the Contest at any time during the Contest Period at its sole discretion without prior notice or assigning any reason.

6.13 Closeup retains the right to contact the participants any time during and after the end of the Contest Period.

6.14 The personal information shared with Closeup and/or its technology partner, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company for any reason whatsoever, without the consent of the participant.

6.15 Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited at the venue. Participants if found drunk by the crew will be barred from entering the venue. It is completely at discretion of Closeup and the event management partner to determine if the participants are drunk or not.

7.0 Participants from out of city of Mumbai

7.1. Thru random selection, Closeup might accommodate 10 people who will be called from outside the city of Mumbai for this party. But this is not binding on Closeup. If there is enough participation from within Mumbai then Closeup is not under obligation to necessarily invite participants from outside.

7.2 The brand will pay for the travel, lodging and boarding for any of the 10 selected participants from all over India.

7.3 If the winner is a boy from outside Mumbai then brand will pay for travel, lodging and boarding of the boy. If the winner is a girl from outside Mumbai, then the brand will pay for travel of lodging and boarding of the girl and 1 parent / partner / care taker accompanying her.

7.4 The caretaker will not be allowed inside the party.

8.0 Terms & Conditions for Party at the venue

8.1 It is expected that all participants / winners / entrants adhere & agree to all terms & conditions mentioned on http://firstmoveparty.closeup.in and/or www.facebook.com/closeup

8.2 It is mandatory that every participant should have a www.facebook.com profile and the participant has to login to his/her Facebook profile before entering the party. Without this login the participant will not be allowed to enter the party. The organizers of the party have the right to post on behalf of the participants on their personal Facebook page / wall about the updates of the party. These posts will be limited only to the venue of the party.

8.3 Only participants within the age group of 16 to 23 years will be allowed to enter the party. For all participants below the age of 18, they should have the consent and permission of their parents and guardians, and the Organizers may, at their discretion, seek proof of such permission from such Participants.

8.4 Carrying a college id is mandatory to enter the party

8.5 Dress code for the party is smart casuals. If the participants are found not adhering to the dress code then organisers reserve the right to not allow the participants at the party.

8.6 Passes are NOT FOR SALE.

8.7 Duplicate passes will not be issued for lost or stolen passes.

8.8 Each pass admits ONE person only.

8.9 The party is subject to Force Majeure conditions.

8.10 Organizers reserve the right to perform security check on invitees/member of audience at the entry point for security reasons. In case of any perceptible security issue, the organisers also hold the right to perform security check inside the party venue, during the party. Co-operation from the participants is solicited.

8.11 Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Lighters, Matchboxes, Arms & Ammunitions, Bottles, Cans, Tins or any other material that are considered unacceptable by the Organizers are not allowed within the venue. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the venue.

8.12 Consumption and sale of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.

8.13 Organizers or any of its agent, officers, and employees shall not be responsible for any injury, damage, theft, losses or cost suffered at or as a result of the party or any part of it.

8.14 Organizers reserve the right to admission to the party.

8.15 Persons suspected of carrying items that may be used in an offensive or dangerous manner, or carrying out illegal activities within the site may be searched.

8.16 The party is being shot for digital webcasts, by producing a pass at the entry you have given your irrevocable consent to appear as a part of any footage, audience reaction or interviews that maybe part of the final edit to be posted on the internet on any platform that the organizers may choose to.

8.17 Beware of fake/colour photocopied passes. A pass shall not be a valid pass if the hologram has been tampered with.

8.18 Due to limited parking facilities around the venue, parking might not be available for every participant. Organisers are not responsible to provide parking to each and every

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